Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Today a dear friend of mine took me to see the Mt. Angel Abbey. I had never been there or even heard of it before.  In 1882 a small group of Benedictine monks arrived in Oregon to found an abbey similar to the one they had left behind high in the Alpine village of Engelberg, Switzerland. Five years later they founded Mount Angel College, and shortly thereafter, they founded a seminary, whose priest alumni have since served millions of Catholics. They also established the Benedictine Press (no longer in existence) and a library, which has grown into one of the most significant theological libraries in the Pacific Northwest. The grounds were so peaceful and natural, and it was such a beautiful day to stroll through the grounds and the abbey church. Of course, I took photographs.
I loved the statues around the garden and this unique tree as I looked up to the branches.
The tall bell tower has 8 cast bronze bells to call the monks to prayer. Each bell is named after a saint, and the largest weighs more than 4 tons! They are the largest free swinging bells on the West coat.
Lots of bricks went in to making the buildings.
This Martin Ott pipe organ in the choir loft has 2,478 pipes! 
This is the seating area for the monks.
A unique feature of decoration inside.
Lots of tiny tiles create the floor.
Everything there was so calm, quiet and peaceful.  
I had such a wonderful time there!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I write poetry. Today I am sharing one with all of you.  Often different people will have a variety of emotions, feelings, ideas from each one.  It is interesting how each person is affected.
My Gentle Green Heart

 it’s the mottled green of a forest, damp
after a rainfall, leaves tossing watery
jewels to the spongy moss below.

At times
it’s the pale green of grinning Bramley apples
blushing in the sunshine, scenting
the breeze with their acidic aroma.

Now and then
it’s the emerald of a slick lizard
scurrying along soft mossy bark
of a stoic fir tossing cones.

It may be
a striped watermelon dripping
with luscious sweetness, tempting
us to taste, discover, enjoy.

my gentle green heart is a seedling
peeking from the shelter of its fleshy soul

seeking warmth, nourishment, and affection.

Friday, September 22, 2017


When I look at cars I see a bit of art there. Here are my views to share.
So, what do you think? Man cave art?

Monday, September 18, 2017


Saturday, September 16th, I went to Main St. in my town of Oregon City to stroll the Cruise-In and admire the vehicles on display.  I have a thing for older vehicles as their lines are lovely, and those grills--wow!  So without further ado, here are some of the beauties displayed.
 The red one is a 1922 Ford and black is a 1937 Ford.
Both of these are 1939 Fords. Love how the red one has checkerboard painted engine compartment.
1940 Bonneville and 1940 Chevy pickup.
The two-tone is a 1947 Plymouth and the pale green a 49 Chevrolet. LOVE the Plymouth!
Both are Chevys, different colors!
Both are 1957, but the blue is an Austin Healey and the red a Chevy. Love the Austin color!
Turquoise is a 1929 Ford. black is 1934 Ford.
Gorgeous 1928 Willys coupe and a Cobra 427, do not know year.  
I have no idea what kind of car this is. It is large and has unusual rear end.  
Cute colors! First station wagon??
1976 Ford Bronco! My brother has one he is restoring. First I have ever seen at a show!
A Fairlaine and a Camero, do not know years.
Two sexy Corvettes. I love the black one!
Here is a Mustang GT! Hey Heather, this one is for you! My niece has one!
My next post will be part two, artistic views of vehicles!